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About Us


Our Journey

Hill Country Cabinets Inc is a custom cabinetry business that offers a range of cabinet styles to suit different tastes and needs. The company is a local family enterprise that serves Eastern Washington and the Pacific NW. It was established in 2020 by Brian and Kevin Hill, two brothers who had a vision of delivering high quality custom cabinetry to their customers. The company is run by Brian, Kevin and their dad Paul Hill.
The company's mission is to create lasting designs that reflect the individual preferences and ideas of our clients. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and expectations, and we use our expertise and craftsmanship to turn their vision into reality.

The Process

The process of creating your own cabinets is simple and rewarding. You design your cabinets according to your preferences and needs, choosing the materials, colors, and styles that suit you.

Screenshot 2023-11-10 124641.png

The plan is drawn by our experts, who will ensure that your cabinets are functional and beautiful. 

The building process starts as soon as you approve the plan, and our skilled craftsmen will work with precision and care to produce high-quality cabinets. 


Your cabinets are delivered to your home in a timely manner, ready to be installed by our team. Your final project is a stunning transformation of your space, with cabinets that reflect your personality and taste.

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